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Music and visuals are important elements in creating a pleasant and, or informative atmosphere. Music is an important influencer. Nowadays a consumer or guest likes also to be informed and entertained from different angles. Communicating and entertaining through audio-visuals make major progression and deliver valuable additional experiences. Entrepreneurs like to create a carefully considered ambience for their guests or visitors within their business environments. Using the sophisticated music and visuals collections of Xenox enables you to reach these goals and determine your distinctiveness as a company. Part of our solution is also the ability to show own imagery or commercials on screens. With our ticker tape function the latest news and social media posts can be displayed on the relevant screens.

Content Production

Content Productie

Clearly addressed from the start, and at competitive prices, Xenox handles productions for your overall In-store TV and In-store Radio concepts. Our working methods are transparent and attractively priced. Let us know what you have in mind and we will create it. We create corporate movies, films, full-motion graphics, animations and digital campaigns for a diverse range of clients.

Music Videos


Good visual material these days is just as important as good music. That is why we have an extensive online image catalogue at your disposal 24/7, containing the best and latest in music videos. You can choose from many 10,000s of music videos. Our database contains music videos in every possible genre, and the latest hits are added by our video editors to our collection every week.



Xenox offers video magazines for every conceivable target group. The video magazines are designed to simultaneously inform and entertain. You can for example show the latest movie tips, the most beautiful places on earth and the most extreme sports. We have created video magazines to enrich your TV Channel. Regularly new video magazines are added to our image catalogue.



Our image catalogue is filled with beautiful visuals. The visuals are divided in several themes. Think of Nature, Sport, Lifestyle, Fun and City. There is something for everyone. The visuals are suitable to alternate with your own images or advertisements. Our video editors ensure there will be added new visuals to the image catalogue every month.



Besides music videos and visuals, our visual catalogue also contains an amazing collection of karaoke clips . Imagine organising a karaoke night and discovering what the voices of your customers are made of. Simply download the clips and create a great selection for an enjoyable night. Our catalogue contains international hits from the past and present, Dutch hits and children’s favourites. Overview off all karaoke clips



A ticker tape can be used to put a bar over videos or other imagery and display newsfeeds on your screens. In the Xenox ticker tape you can display RSS Feeds with the latest news, posts from your Facebook and Twitter account and your own texts. We have developed several styles for the ticker tape to make sure there is always one that matches with the style of your business.



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