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What's the sound of your brand? 

Shopping is an experience in which music plays a vital role. The right music helps your customers feel at home and gets them into the mood to buy. Our professionally compiled music programmes are designed to inspire your audience. The result: customers stay longer and spend more.

Naturally you can effortlessly add your own (in-store) communications. If you are prepared to go one step further, we'll create the perfect musical brand experience and a unique musical profile. Music that is tuned to your brand and the moment of the day, whether for one shop or a chain of stores.



Curious about the possibilities?

Content Production

Content Productie

Clearly addressed from the start, and at competitive prices, Xenox handles productions for your overall In-store TV and In-store Radio concepts. Our working methods are transparent and attractively priced. Let us know what you have in mind and we will create it. We create corporate movies, films, full-motion graphics, animations and digital campaigns for a diverse range of clients.

Dynamic Messageboards

Dynamische Messageboards

Xenox has developed an advertisements tool which gives you the ability to easily make your own dynamic advertisements online. You get a lot of free templates which you can use to make your own advertisements for your screen(s). With this tool you can, for example, make digital menu cards, event calendars, game programs, party announcements, sponsor advertisements and price lists.

Music Consultancy

Muziek Consultancy2

A unique and distinguished ‘personal’ sound. That’s what we provide by offering you a tailor-made channel. Our DJs are experts at translating your brand values into a unique and recognisable sound. Your own radio station, broadcasting music in perfect tune with your brand and creating a universal perception of your brand. Together with you we can create musical uniformity for your offices and distinction for your audiences.

Music Channels


To make sure that you can play the right music at the right moment, we have created theme-based music channels for you. Music channels on which you can find and play any style of your choice 24/7. Ranging from pub classics and jazz to dance. Our expert musical editors provide permanent updates, so that you can be sure of the best and latest. Overview of all Xenox Music Channels.

Jingle Productions

Jingle Productions

Entrepreneurs want to communicate with their customers and preferably at the right time. Xenox offers you the ability to add jingles to your music schedule. These may be existing jingles. But Xenox can also produce jingles for you. The Xenox music specialists work in a studio where all equipment is available to make a jingle that fits our customers wishes.



Digital signage gives you the ability to advertise to the right target group. You decide at what point you want to display an advertisement on your screen(s).
Display commercials from certain brands you sell, promote your sale items or offer your sponsors to show their commercials on your screen(s)

Extensive online Music Collection

Muziek Collectie3

We offer the very best in music. We understand what you expect from us. Whether it’s about music for a fitness hype, music for in-store marketing or music to create the perfect atmosphere in restaurants and pubs: we can help. Our musical editors provide permanent updates in every style, allowing you to be sure of the best and latest in music. We have several 100,000 music tracks at your disposal 24/7.



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