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X-Radio is the perfect no-nonsense music streaming service for your organisation. With X-Radio we will take care of finding the perfect music for your location(s).
You can choose from the Xenox Music Channels or tailor-made Music Channels. The right music sets clients at ease, makes them feel comfortable and they will stay longer.
With X-Radio we will make sure you have the right music at any time of the day.


Music Channels


To make sure that you can play the right music at the right moment, we have created theme-based music channels for you. Music channels on which you can find and play any style of your choice 24/7. Ranging from pub classics and jazz to dance. Our expert musical editors provide permanent updates, so that you can be sure of the best and latest. Overview of all Xenox Music Channels.

Manage online

Online Beheer

All Xenox systems use a web-based platform, the “Xenox Management System”. This webtool gives you the possibility to online collect, create, manage and plan Xenox content and your own content. Upload your own photos, videos and advertisements to combine this with the Xenox music and images in personal playlists. Look here for more information and how it works.



Connecting this music system is very easy. The only thing you need is a power point, internet and audio equipment.
After connecting you select the music channel of your choice and within a few seconds you can enjoy the right music, that’s plug & play! And if you like other music, switching between channels is very easy with the supplied remote.

Royalty-free Music

Rechtenvrije Muziek2

Are you looking for royalty-free music? Xenox is the right place for royalty-free music. Xenox works with Soundreef, the most advanced and efficient music rights management system from Europe. Soundreef provides top quality background music. With the Xenox music systems you can access the Soundreef music channels with royalty free music. The channels are among others in the genres of pop, dance and ambient.

Branded Music Channels


A unique and distinguished ‘personal’ sound. That’s what we provide by offering you a tailor-made music channel of your own. Our DJs are experts at translating your brand values into a unique and recognisable sound. Adapted to your wishes and fully matching the look and feel of your business. During events or actions the channel can easily be modified temporarily.



Entrepreneurs want to communicate with their customers and preferably at the right time. Xenox offers you the ability to add commercials with the Xenox Management System.
You also have full control over the scheduling and broadcasting of your commercials. You can always reach the right audience at the right moment.


Internet connection


The music system can be connected to any Internet connection. You don't need the fastest connection to play music. The music keeps on playing, even with loss of connection.
The internal back-up on the music system makes sure the music never stops. And if there is no internet in your business or no internet for several days, you can use our store and play functionality.



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