Spotlight Mediaplatform (Narrowcasting)

Narrowcasting systeem Spotlight

Spotlight is Digital Signage at its very best. Take charge of the contents and scheduling of the screens in your organisation with refreshing ease. Easy to use and highly effective. Can be used in any location where people are shopping, waiting, or want to be entertained. The easiest and most complete Mediaplatform for every entrepreneur.


Dynamic Messageboards

Dynamische Messageboards

Xenox has developed an advertisements tool which gives you the ability to easily make your own dynamic advertisements online. You get a lot of free templates which you can use to make your own advertisements for your screen(s). With this tool you can, for example, make digital menu cards, event calendars, game programs, party announcements, sponsor advertisements and price lists.

Media Player


The Spotlight Media Player is a compact and reliable Media Player with HD quality. It is easily installed on any screen or TV system.

Manage online

Online Beheer

All Xenox systems use a web-based platform, the “Xenox Management System”. This webtool gives you the possibility to online collect, create, manage and plan Xenox content and your own content. Upload your own photos, videos and advertisements to combine this with the Xenox music and images in personal playlists. Look here for more information and how it works.



Xenox offers video magazines for every conceivable target group. The video magazines are designed to simultaneously inform and entertain. You can for example show the latest movie tips, the most beautiful places on earth and the most extreme sports. We have created video magazines to enrich your TV Channel. Regularly new video magazines are added to our image catalogue.



Our image catalogue is filled with beautiful visuals. The visuals are divided in several themes. Think of Nature, Sport, Lifestyle, Fun and City. There is something for everyone. The visuals are suitable to alternate with your own images or advertisements. Our video editors ensure there will be added new visuals to the image catalogue every month.



Digital signage gives you the ability to advertise to the right target group. You decide at what point you want to display an advertisement on your screen(s).
Display commercials from certain brands you sell, promote your sale items or offer your sponsors to show their commercials on your screen(s)

Upload your own imagery


With the Xenox Management System, the web-based platform from Xenox, you can upload your own imagery, like photos, videos and advertisements.
Upload the files online and display them on the screen(s) in your business. Set a personal playlist and provide your visitors with information and entertainment.



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