Music computers and video systems

Music & Image is one thing, the right equipment is another. Equipment has to be reliable, easy to operate and convenient. That is why Xenox has equipment of its own. We produce and programme everything with your specific requirements in mind. With Xenox you can be sure of the best products and unsurpassed ease of operation.

Depending on your requirements, we offer the following four products:

Music Manager


The most professional and diverse music system. The user-friendly interface is specially designed for touch screen operation. The Music Manager ensures you always have the right mixes at the right time. Your guests or customers will experience how the music sets the mood, and momentarily be one with the ambiance. All of this available right at your fingertips, you can even let your employees use the practical touch screen to quickly mix the most successful playlists for the occasion. You have complete flexibility and control with the extremely smart and user-friendly Xenox software.

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X-Radio (Streaming music system)

Streaming muzieksysteem

X-Radio is the perfect no-nonsense music streaming service for your organisation. With X-Radio we will take care of finding the perfect music for your location(s). You can choose from the Xenox Music Channels or tailor-made Music Channels. The right music sets clients at ease, makes them feel comfortable and they will stay longer. With X-Radio we will make sure you have the right music at any time of the day.

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Music & Media Manager


The all-in-one solution for your music, images and entertainment. The user-friendly interface is specially designed for touch screen operation. Music can set the mood, it is leading. A video can create your image, with or without audio. This system integrates songs,music videos, visuals and commercials in one audiovisual playlist.

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Spotlight Mediaplatform

Narrowcasting systeem

Spotlight is Digital Signage at its very best. Take charge of the contents and scheduling of the screens in your organisation with refreshing ease. Easy to use and highly effective. Can be used in any location where people are shopping, waiting, or want to be entertained. The easiest and most complete Mediaplatform for every entrepreneur.

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